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Your Sleep Posture Matters! Read This!

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck and blamed it on sleeping the wrong way? Well you’re correct! The positions you sleep in affect your body in different ways. It can have negative and positive impacts on your body. Continue reading to find out some of the faults you may be making while you sleep, and how to fix them with some minor changes.

Experiencing numbness or tingling in your arms or hands?

This typically occurs when you are sleeping on your stomach or your side. Tingling and numbness occurs when the nerves become irritated or compressed. Sleeping on your back is the best position to sleep in.

Lower back and upper neck pain?

We don’t often think about our spines when we’re lying in bed. Our sleep posture helps to control whether we experience back pain. Sleeping in improper positions causes your body to become misaligned which leads to body aches. For some people, sleeping on their spinal may be the best position to relieve back pain. Laying flat on your back, placing a pillow underneath your knees, and keeping your spinal neutral is an appropriate sleep posture to avoid pressure on the neck, hips, and back. Maintaining the natural curve of the spine when sleeping is important.


Getting back to the basics.

It is time to start training your body to sleep on your back most of us have learned to cope with chronic back pain daily. It is possible to form new sleeping habits and here is how you do just that…

When getting ready for bed, put a pillow on each side of your body and one under your knees, this will prevent you from turning onto your side.
As an extreme measure you can also sew a tennis ball into your shirt on whichever side you need to avoid. The discomfort alone will ensure you will flip back over even in the deepest states of REM.
Getting adjusted by a Chiropractor helps to change your posture and may make sleeping the way you normally would uncomfortable, therefore making it much easier to sleep on your back.

Now there are cases where the position in which you are sleeping may not be the only cause for your overall back pain. If you’re experiencing mild to severe back pain and you’ve tried everything you can think of, you’re in luck. At Move Well MD located in FIDI (Financial District) just a few stops from midtown, and Chelsea we offer services to help make the activities we love to do much easier. Our dedicated team of practitioners, work with patients on a day- to- day basis to relieve stress on the bones, muscles and joints. We aim to conquer everyday encounters that discontinue the proper mobility of the human body through providing knowledge, care, and a compassionate team. Here at Move Well MD our goal is to inspire you to continue living life.

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