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What To Expect After Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is done using very thin needles. During treatment, most people report feeling a little pain when the needle is inserted. According to some people, acupuncture makes them feel relaxed, while others say they feel energized. There is no single expectation after acupuncture treatment. Did you feel pain after acupuncture? Did your pain feel worse after acupuncture?


Acupuncture is a form of integrative medicine that involves inserting thin needles into the body. It is a Traditional Chinese medicine ancient practice. The thin, solid, metallic needles are inserted in different positions and depth in the body. They are then activated through very gentle and specific movement. Electrical stimulation can also be used.

Acupuncture is mostly used to treat body pain. However, it is increasingly being used today for stress management and overall wellness. According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to balance the flow of energy or life force also known as Qi.

When Pain After Acupuncture Hits

Pain after acupuncture is not one of the side effects of this treatment. If you were using acupuncture to treat pain symptoms, sometimes, the pain might feel worse before you start feeling better. What people term as after acupuncture pain is mild soreness. Unfortunately, this is a common side effect of acupuncture. It doesn’t occur in all patients and doesn’t last for long.


The soreness or what people term as post acupuncture pain is caused by neuromuscular damage from the thin needles. This combined with the body’s hemorrhagic and inflammatory response to acupuncture might leave you feeling worse after acupuncture.

During acupuncture treatment, blood flow in the capillaries on the insertion site increase when the needle is inserted into the skin. This increased blood flow might cause throbbing or soreness. This lasts for a few hours after acupuncture treatment.


After Acupuncture Reactions


  • Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the main reasons people consider acupuncture treatment. The treatment is well known for instant pain relief. For people looking to treat injuries or acute pain, they might experience long-lasting pain relief after treatment. For those treating chronic pain, the pain eases during treatment but it might come back after.

  • Relaxation

Have you ever experienced a natural high? After acupuncture treatment, you might feel intensely relaxed and the feeling can last even for a whole day. This state of relaxation might cause your concentration to downgrade. It might become harder to follow conversations or focus in meetings might become difficult. In some cases, it becomes tough to stay awake. Research indicates that a higher number of endorphins is released in the brain after the treatment which explains the natural high.

In this situation, the best thing for your body is rest. Go to bed earlier, take a nap, or simply take it easy after treatment. The body heals better when you’re in a deep sleep state for long.

  • Emotional Sensitivity

In some patients, acupuncture treatment causes them to become highly sensitive emotionally. Some patients have cried for no reason often reminiscing over things that happened long time ago. Others can’t tolerate others or become easily irritated. For those experiencing these reactions, there is nothing to worry about. It is actually a good reaction after acupuncture. It means you are finally emptying your emotional bucket which is healthy for your body.

A patient can go through this emotional rollercoaster after treatment. However, once the period ends, you end up feeling more content with life and lighter. It is a way of releasing those emotional burdens you’ve been carrying for so long.


  • Elimination

After acupuncture, some patients might experience symptoms like frequent urination even without drinking a lot of water. More urination results to bloating and water retention relief. Others notice changes in their bowel movements through increased volume, more frequent, and strong odor. These are good signs as they show the body has elevated its level of metabolism or a better energy flow.

Many people find acupuncture treatment as a helpful way to control different painful conditions. The benefits of the treatment can be hard to measure in every patient. However, it is an effective treatment for various conditions.


Acupuncture has side effects but it is worth it if you have trouble managing pain using conventional methods.


Different patients feel different side effects of acupuncture. For some, it makes their pain worse after acupuncture, others develop flu like symptoms after acupuncture, while others feel a deep relaxation. For those who feel mild pain after acupuncture or throbbing, it is a normal side effect. If you are using acupuncture for acute pain, sometimes it might become worse after acupuncture but after undergoing several sessions, the pain reduces significantly.

Before you consider acupuncture for pain treatment, talk to your doctor. Acupuncture is never to be used to replace medication for pain management. It is a traditional treatment technique that should be done by a licensed practitioner. Always ensure you know the reactions or side effects of acupuncture and talk about it with your doctor or practitioner for the best results.