Trigger Point Injections NYC

What Are Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections (TPIs) are an effective pain management treatment developed to reduce inflammation and improve muscle function. Often times this is used to address trigger points, or hyperirritable spots found in taut bands of skeletal muscles, TPIs involve injecting a local anesthetic, combined with a steroid medication, into the trigger point to effectively relax the muscle and relieve pain for optimal results. Here at Move Well MD in NYC’s Manhattan neighborhood, we offer trigger point injections delivered by specialists dedicated to providing optimal pain relief in order to restore your body. Move well md have the best Pain Management Doctors in Nyc.  Trigger Point Injections Nyc

Trigger Point Injections Nyc

What TO Know Before You GO

Referred pain means pain that you feel in one part of your body, but the source of it is coming from somewhere else. A good example of this in action is arm pain that sometimes occurs when a person is having a heart attack. The problem is with the heart but the arm pain, although seemly unrelated, is a symptom.

Often referred pain is the result of pressure on sensitive points triggered by muscle knots. This is a chronic pain disorder that occurs when the muscle contracts repeatedly and then fails to relax. The knot in the tissue puts pressure on a nerve causing pain there or that radiates to another location on the body.

Symptoms of myofascial pain include:

  • Deep aching pain in the muscle
  • Persistent pain that may get worse over time
  • A knot or tender area in the muscle
  • Pain that radiates to another part of the body

The sensitive area in the muscle that causes this pain is called a trigger point. Injections into that site, trigger point injections, can relieve the tension and ease the pain.

Trigger point pain requires a stimulus of some kind. For many people, stress and anxiety are enough to trigger an episode in the neck or shoulders. Repetitive use is another potential culprit. Continual stress on a muscle group, the lower back for instance, can trigger spasms that lead to chronic pain. Other risk factors include:

  • Poor posture
  • Muscle injury
  • Poor technique
  • Poor overall fitness

Triggers are distinct, so what causes pain in one patient may not bother another. During the evaluation, Dr. Gruen talks with each patient to get a sense of what might be causing the knots. Along with trigger point injections, the care plan may include lifestyle changes and physical therapy.

Dr. Gruen or another medical professional at Move Well MD inserts a small needle into the trigger point containing an anesthetic, saline or possibly a corticosteroid. The goal is to make that trigger point inactive, reducing both the direct and referred pain. A number of injections to that same spot will usually provide pain relief that lasts.



At Move Well MD in Manhattan located in the downtown financial district of lower Manhattan, NY, NY 10038, we use an integrated system of care to relieve pain, improve range of motion and help you to move well again! We are just a few short path train stops away from Hoboken, NJ and Jersey City, NJ.

Kathy Z
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Best care I have ever received from a medical provider. Everyone here really cares and is clearly very knowledgeable. I saw another provider before who did not take the time to actually make a diagnosis - received one here on my first visit. Doctor is experienced and works with your comfort level. Highly recommend!
Christine Y
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Now a regular patient of MoveWell, all the doctors and staff continue to provide exceptional and professional services for me. They are personable, kind, patient and supporting of my ongoing pain. Thank you once again!
Bradley A
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Dr. Ben and the staff are the best I feel like Family every time i come to the office. My first visit to the office was almost 2 years ago because of a sever neck crank during sparring i couldn't look to my right for almost 2 weeks. So I tried Move Well for relief because it was in the area and thank goodness I did. After the first visit I already had almost full range and mobility of my neck.
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I've been a regular patient at Move Well for over 6 years. Dr Ben has truly helped me stay in good physical shape well into my 40s. Any aches and pains are immediately alleviated as a result of my weekly visits. Ask about the acupuncture, it's been a great addition to my routine.
John K
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Dr. Ben and his staff are the best! Receptionist were very friendly and I did not wait at all for my appointment. The doctor spent alot of time with me and explained very well what he was going to do. That made me feel very comfortable. Highly recommend!
Raina C
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Move Well MD is a one stop shop for holistic chiropractic care. Dr. Ben is fantastic as well as all of the team members there. What’s best about this office is that they offer multiple different pain remedies from adjustments, massage, acupuncture and injection therapy.

ASK Manhattan's Trigger Point Injection Specialist

Move Well MD places an emphasis on proactive patient care and encourages anyone considering a trigger point injection to contact our Manhattan specialist. We want to ensure that you have all the information you need before going into your first or next injection, so we encourage individuals to ask any questions they may have. Our team of dedicated professionals has years of experience in providing top-notch medical services and is more than happy to answer your inquiries. 

With our expertise and knowledge, our team can make sure that you are as prepared as possible before your treatment. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment where patients feel secure in their decisions and maximize the effectiveness of the procedure. Our Manhattan trigger point injection specialist is highly qualified in performing these injections with accuracy and precision, giving you the best results possible.